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Teach you to use the home elevator correctly and avoid illegal operation
Release time: 2021-07-13 Views: 2746 times

一、当电梯When the door is open, do not put your hand on the door panel to avoid squeezing your fingers when the door panel shrinks。Please do not put your hand on the elevator door, so as not to affect the closing action, and even crush your fingers。When carrying children, hold them by hand or hold them in the elevator。

Second, when entering the door, many people are used to blocking the door。Although there is no danger, if the elevator is pressed for a long time, the elevator operator will think that the elevator is faulty。Warn, or even stop。Therefore, it is more suitable to press the open key when entering。In particular, it should be noted that some people stand on the elevator door and block the elevator door, which is dangerous。Because there is no danger inside or outside the elevator。But if you stand at the intersection of these two Spaces, as the saying goes, the person will be cut off。So, this is a very dangerous place, and it shouldn't be this time。

Third, some units do not allow the cargo elevator to be used as a passenger elevator。The difference between carrying an elevator and riding one is that it is decorative and perhaps less experienced。No special vibration and noise indicators are required。In addition, there is a freight elevator, which cannot be used as a passenger elevator, that is, outside the area。Sometimes, the products produced by the factory will be lighter and require larger cars, so the area of the car will be larger than the ordinary car after obtaining the consent of the relevant departments。If this ladder is used as a ride, it will be overloaded。