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Design and reliability of load capacity of elevator transmission equipment
Release time: 2021-07-13 Views: 2559 times

Food elevatorTransmission equipment load capacity design and reliability, all mechanical, transmission equipment load is several times the actual load redundancy design, electronic components using military-grade products, high reliability。The frame is made of high machine aluminum alloy, the dish is made of stainless steel, environmental protection, beautiful and corrosion resistant。The actual power consumption of this product is only more than 200 watts, full load work for 5 hours, only consume more than once。The smart cooking machine does not need a pit, the floor height is unlimited, and the height of the top equipment is only 1.5米。

The floor bearing capacity is not special requirements, the opening size is small, and the smaller width is only 70cm, which can ensure the needs of opening restaurants in non-special places such as department stores and office buildings。Food elevatorThe car is generally divided into two kinds, one is the floor type, his size is larger, the load is larger, has the reliable function of overspeed overload, the bottom is flat, can directly promote the dining car, very convenient。The other is the window type, his advantage is that the floor area is small, the smaller floor area is less than 1 square meter, he is high efficiency, energy saving, low can only use 0.75KW, easy installation, convenient packaging and decoration for users。

Food elevatorThe design and reliability of the load capacity of the car transmission equipment, the main features of the circular chain elevator car do not need to be heavy, as long as the space can be designed to pass the food。Up and down at the same time, circular food transfer, arrive at 6 traditional van transfer ladder。Military grade parts, load more than ten times the design, less maintenance machine。Free installation, no annual review fee for special equipment。With a frame structure, there is no need for lifting channels, no need for mechanical rooms, and no need for strong civil bearing capacity。